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Lab Members

Join Our Lab

We have openings for motivated researchers excited about mitochondrial biology, neuroscience, and cell biology. For post-doctoral candidates, please submit your cover letter with career goals, CV, and three references to For graduate students, please see the following programs at Virginia Tech and reach out for a rotation.

Lab Alumni

Nicole DeFoor

Research Technician - 2021-2023

Current - Graduate Student at Virginia Tech

Leila Zavar

Undergraduate Researcher- 2021-2023

Current - Clinical Research Coordinator

Lauren Fritsch

Graduate Student - 2018-2022

Current - Science Communicator & Industry Liaison

Taylor Tuhy

Undergraduate Researcher - 2019-2020

Current - predoctoral student at Cleveland State University

Elyse Moore

Undergraduate Researcher - 2018-2020 Current- MD/PhD student at MUSC 

Swagatika Paul

Graduate Student - 2020-2023

Current - Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Pharmacology at the University of Washington, Seattle

Baitong Liu

Undergraduate Researcher- 2022-2023

Current- PPD Assistant Scientist

Hannah O'Malley

Undergraduate Researcher - 2021-2022 Current- MPH graduate student at John Hopkins University

Faith Carter

VT PREP postbac student - 2018-2019 Current - predoctoral student at Cornell University

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